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IKANOW is on a mission to help organizations to take back control of their information security.

Our flagship product, IKANOW Information Security Analytics (ISA) is built on industry-leading open source technologies that provides our customers with an open, flexible, and lightning fast information security analytics solution.

Before IKANOW, the founders were applying big data analytics to identify IED locations in Iraq and Afghanistan. It was a complex problem that mattered and big data analytics made a difference. The answers to likely IED locations were found in tiny footprints left in enormous troves of data from a large and shifting group of data sources.

The transition from detecting threats in the military theater to the information security environment was driven by customer demand and had some obvious parallels. Both are about tiny footprints, correlations, context and insight. Both require speed and accuracy of big data analysis. Both are about survival.

Think IKANOW may be for you? Here’s what we are looking for
  • Outstanding work ethic and proven experience in previous roles.
  • Solid education foundation, both formal and informal
  • Ability to solve complex problems across multiple problem domains.
  • Friendly personality and ability to work as part of a team.
  • Enthusiasm and passion about the job at hand!

If you have the skills above and if our work sounds like something in which you might be interested, we’re always looking for great people to become part of our team. Feel free to send us your resume at Let us know why you would like to work with us and how you see yourself contributing to our company.

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IKANOW provides Fortune 1000 organizations an open, flexible, scalable and lightning fast information security analytics platform that enables CISOs to continuously optimize their cybersecurity posture and reduce risk across the enterprise. For more information please visit

IKANOW is committed to cultivating an environment in which employees are excited about their role on the IKANOW team. Employees obtain ownership and accountability in every task and are provided with the tools necessary for happiness and success.